Monday, 6 August 2007


A COIN security van after being attacked in an attempted cash-in-transit heist near Germiston, Johannesburg, no money taken, but one guard shot in the neck and in critical condition.

Yesterday I went to the scene of a cash in transit heist, as usual a policeman comes to speak to me full of attitude, tells me that I must ask permission, I duly tell him that as long as Im behind the crime-scene tape, I need ask nobody permission, after a brief war of words the man finally realises his war is lost and leaves, "smart man", I think and continue to take my pics, when another cop aproaches me, same story...same response from me, he leaves..."smart man". Three... four.... and then number five approaches me, asks me what media Im from, so I duly tell him, and that am getting a bit over this, so I lay into him, telling him what I think of police that dont have any idea about the law regarding media, then he tells me that he was going to ask if I wanted on the chopper for a better view of the scene, oops, so I apologise to him, but definately not to the other four idiots.
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