Monday, 26 November 2007

President Jacob Zuma?

Some polls are out, saying Jacob Zuma is leading the race to become the president of the ANC after their National Conference in Limpopo, South Africa soon.

I've been to a few functions where he has spoke, in fact, I've even had tea with him in his living room once when The Citizen interviewed him a while ago. I really do feel that if he means what he says, he can't be too bad.

Corruption charges and rape charges aside, he is anti-crime, and he even spoke out recently about the death penalty (which I personally think is a must for violent criminals).

I'm no political analyst, but Thabo Mbeki has been very quiet about most things that affect our country, and very interested in things that affect countries thousands of miles from our borders for years now. The only photos you seen of him, until recently, when he jumped on the Springbok bandwagon was of him greeting some obscure country's leader in an elegant office, he knows nothing about the man on SA's street, Zuma at least has that.

So, ... heres hoping that our soon to be President, is really not guilty of rape, that he has changed his opinion on showering fighting HIV, he never knew that Schabir Shaik was organising him a half a million rand bribe and he would'nt have accepted it anyway.
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