Monday, 3 March 2008

There's always one.

Police work on the scene of a cash-in-transit robbery in Malvern near Johannesburg.
There's always one, isn't there! When I get to this scene, I'm standing outside the crime scene-as I always do, I then hear this guy shout at me "WHO ARE YOU!", I duly tell him, he then decides he wants to fight, not being one to back down I proceed to take pics. This guy just carries on, damnnit, the guy would not shut the hell up, telling me his name is Koosie, (shock!), even though he is not even a cop, he works for Group 4 Securicor, I tell him to back off, and do his job as I am doing mine, then for some reason -he felt it appropriate to throw a fifty cent coin at me, I'm sure he needs it more than I do , but anyway. He thought it was funny, I guess.The cops couldn't be bothered this time, simply doing their job, so this time, unlike the last umpteen times, it was just some random idiot and not a cop hassling me.
You can't win, it seems.
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