Thursday, 17 April 2008

Some protests are more boring than others.

Although it does look like he's yawning, a SACP member makes red-indian calls, as his friend jumps up and down during a protest march by the SACP and COSATU to ESKOM offices in Braamfontein to show their opposition to a 53 % increase in electricity charges.
A few years back when I was still new to the whole press-photography thing, I had a chat to a colleague during a protest about how much I loved these protest marches, he said that he was bored with them and that they're all the same, I was shocked, HOW could he say that, each one I had been to had excited me and I ran around taking pictures of pretty much everything I seen.

Today, I was at this SACP march and finally understood what he was saying, every protest is essentially the same, no matter the issue at hand, they march, they jump up and down , they sing the same songs from past struggles, they read out a memorandum to whoever then they leave...
So, I think its taken a while for me to get over the whole protest thing, but I'm still amped to go to them, because sooner or later someone is going to lob a rock at the cops or smash a window and all hell will break loose and the boredom will all go away fast, very fast indeed.
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