Saturday, 12 July 2008

No flash please!

Graca Michel reacts as the frail Nelson Mandela lifts his cane to acknowledge a member of the crowd as he is helped onto stage for the Sixth Annual Nelson Mandela Lecture in Kliptown Soweto.
The Sixth Annual Nelson Mandela lecture was delivered by Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, the President of Liberia and the first democratically elected female President in Africa.
Photographing Nelson Mandela is always a bit tricky, so much so, that this is the second entry to touch on it. It gets trickier, when you are only able to photograph for a few minutes. The press sit in the waiting room and then at a specific time run (all the time jostling for that elusive front position) to a door, where we wait again... The door opens everyone squeezes through and gets to the front of the stage, pick your positions well, cause you can't move much. Low light, no flash allowed when shooting Madiba. He is lead to the front of the stage, and their is always one idiot that decides to use flash anyway (which resulted in someone coming and standing right in front of me, to tell him to stop). After what feels like two nanoseconds, we are ushered out, and you're standing outside, hoping you got something usable...luckily I did.

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