Monday, 15 September 2008

Don't hide.

Theres not many things that I can say I hate about my job, but covering court is top of the list. I spent all day waiting outside the Magistrates Court in Johannesburg for Judge Nkola Motata to come out from his trial for drunk driving. So after standing in the sun from about 9, at about 4:30, we see him in the distance through an opening in the court parking lot's door, walking towards his car, and then to avoid us, he is allowed to drive out the one-way on the other side of the court. (Nice, how there is certain rules for some and certain for others). So, nobody got him...Then we all say our goodbyes and go on our way, as I turn a corner, I overtake a stationary Jaguar on the side of the road, and notice it's the drunk Judge. So, I slow down and wait for it at the stop-street, and get a few shots of him.
He sure wasn't impressed, but I was...
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