Friday, 10 October 2008

Save the Bok!

Yet again, politicians stick their idiotic noses into a matter that they should leave alone.

Parliament's Sport Portfolio Commitee member, Butana Komphela has decided that the Springbok emblem on the South African Rugby team jersey, must go.

Two of the greatest sporting achievements that this country has ever produced have happened under this emblem, yet he says there is "no negotiation" about this.
There is a proud heritage to the Springbok emblem, not least, the momentous occasion when Nelson Mandela wore it to hand Francois Pienaar the William Webb Ellis trophy when SA won the 1995 Rugby World Cup. That did more for reconciliation than any self serving current politician could.

In 2007, we won it again, The nation cheered, screamed and occasionally yelped for the Springboks, now these people want to take it away.

I reckon the only thing that should be taken away is Komphela, take him away - far, far away.
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