Friday, 19 June 2009

Serious sport!

Egyptian number 12, Mohamed Homos heads home the only goal of the game during Italy's Confederations Cup match against Egypt at Ellis Park in Johannesburg. Underdogs Egypt beat the world champions, Italy 1-0
The Confederations Cup has started in SA, bringing with it, some of the worlds best footballers to the country. The tournament is widely regarded as a dress rehearsal for the bigger FIFA World Cup, being able to photograph this class of football is a once in a life-time experience in South Africa, one I'm taking full advantage of. Not only that, the British Lions rugby team are touring the country too, in-fact next week, I'll be shooting that as well. So, things on the sporting front couldn't be much better, unless we had the World Cup to shoot... Oh wait , that will be here next year.
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