Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Old and unwanted.

A Johannesburg firefighter hoses down a small fire in the old post-office on Rissik street across the street from the Gauteng Legislature building in the Johannesburg CBD.This building in the Johannesburg CBD has been empty since as long as I can remember, surely something can be done with it other than simply letting it rot. Sell it, demolish it, refurbish it, whatever!
Maybe even refurbish it into a type of low cost housing for some of the thousands of people in the city looking for somewhere decent to stay.
I have a theory, the reason that it is so tightly closed up, unlike many other buildings in the CBD that are simply left for squatters to occupy, is simply because its right across the road from the Gauteng Legislature, so the politicians would have to look at it the poor people squatting in it. Now we cant have that..
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