Sunday, 25 October 2009

Police cover up

Police lead out several suspects from a house in South Hills, Johannesburg. They arrested the suspects after swooping on a house and finding hundreds of thousands of Rands of stolen goods and two hijacked cars.This was a laugh... When I arrived at the house, I was the only photographer there and I told the superintendent that even though I will be taking pictures of the suspects I will try to avoid their faces (as being recognisable can sometimes hinder the prosecution) and at the very least, I will blur them when published. He wasn't convinced, so I gave him my word, still he's not convinced, I pleaded with him to believe me (I want these guys to be prosecuted more than anybody) So, I had a laugh when they come out with a big blanket over their heads, slowly being herded by some cops, with the superintendent following on with a big smile. I told him jokingly that I'm insulted that he doesn't trust me, especially since I gave him my word. He said that he'd rather be safe than sorry, and this time he's happy he's safer than sorrier. I guess thats fair enough... :)
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