Thursday, 5 November 2009

Bullet Proof

Robert Steyn fires two rounds at the Safe Case vest with a R5 during a test.The test held at Gun City shooting range in Boksburg shows the vest created by Safe Case outperforms the police issued vest dramatically with it stopping all the shots from an AK47, R1, R4, R5, M16 and a Gurran.Theres a bit of a controversy about the quality of the police issued bullet proof vests, in a demonstration comparing the police issued vests against the Safe Case vest, the Safe Case was dramatically better, but in another test the police issued ones performed better, there has been talk of court action and various other allegations between Safe Case and BPT (the current supplier of the police vests). I reckon to put it all to rest the two parties should agree on an independent expert and do a comparison and get done with it.
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