Sunday, 13 December 2009

One more!

A light aircraft on Rand Airport Road in Germiston after it crashed through a wall at Rand airport, nobody was hurt, but the plane (and the wall ) was heavily damaged.One more idiot! It seems that nearly everywhere I go, there is someone that has a bit of responsibility and feels that everybody around them must listen to them, regardless of how idiotic they may be. This guy starts harassing me, saying that I can't take pictures of this accident, he refuses to give his name and and threatens to "confiscate my camera', I duly tell him that if he touches my camera, I will break his teeth... Then after a while of listening to his nonsensical babble, I walk away, he follows me and pushes me saying that he will "kick my ass' (his words). Too many cops around so, I give him my business card, tell him to give me a call, cause if he's keen to be in a world of pain, I'll meet him halfway. He's still welcome, "If you're reading this, buddy, give me a call, big boy, we'll talk...
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