Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Power and Pride

Francois "The Buffalo" Botha and Flo"Black Panther" Simba pose at a press conference before the Power and Pride Boxing tournament to be held at Emperors Palce in Gauteng on the 4th May.
I must admit, I'm looking forward to this fight, Francois looks tough, but he is a bit older, he has fought many of the best Heavyweight fighters in the world. Flo is a young and tough guy that likes to do his talking in the ring, I once saw him hit a guy so hard, that I was somewhat surprised when the guy got up, even if it was a few minutes later.

So, it's hard to call, but should be a brutal fight.
A bit of fireworks at the press conference when the fighters in one of the other fights almost got into it a bit early, Chris Van Heerden (left) and Bongani Mwelase left no-one in doubt, as to the contempt they have for each other, this welterweight fight promises to be a thriller as well.
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