Wednesday, 19 October 2011

De Waal memorial

Murdered teenager, Louise de Waal's mother is comforted by a family member during a memorial service held at Die Burger Highschool in Bergbron, Johannesburg.

The 17 year old was abducted at gunpoint whilst walking to school then raped and murdered on the 12 October 2011, her burnt body was found later that day on a farm in Magaliesburg. The man arrested for the murder and rape has allegedly confessed to being the "Sunday Rapist", who has also been linked to the rape of over ten young girls. He is also connected to the death of another one that died after she tried to escape by jumping out of his car more than a year ago.
Two of Louise's friends place a letter at a picture of her during the memorial service.
Family members release doves in a symbolic gesture after the memorial.
It's always hard to photograph funerals and memorial services, there is always the feeling that you are intruding on a personal moment, but you got to do what you got to do. Sometimes even when you are invited, there is always some random person that feels the need to come over to us and give us their opinions on the fact that we are there and give us the "glare" everytime our shutter releases, although they will be the first to open the newspaper to look at the pictures the next day. More than a few times, I've personally been thanked by family members that appreciate the fact we are there. I'm sure the fact that the media is there confirms the importance of the loss they are feeling, it doesn't compound that loss.