Monday, 12 September 2011

Little Hasan

The Gift of the Givers medical team had been in Mogadishu for few days, before they moved into an area that has been under the control of al-Shabab for years and they went into one of the only buildings that was in a decent condition in the area. They transformed it into a fully functioning hospital overnight. There was a large group waiting for them in the morning, the range of ailments was endless and the doctors got down to the business of helping the people.
5 year old Hasan Mohamed was one of the first seen. His arm was broken a few weeks earlier and some untrained people put his arm in a cast, but it was too tight causing his arm to swell drastically. His case was not the worst by a long shot, but you could see that he was nervous and scared.
As I sat with him and his father whilst they waited and then watched Dr Livan Turino change his cast and show the type of compassion they had probably never seen before, I knew that the Gift of the Givers team was in the right place.
After a simple changing of his cast, I could see that his nervousness and fear had gone, even his father seemed more content.
Hasan was just one of hundreds of people that the Gift of the Givers team helped, many of them much worse off than Hasan, but as he left in his fathers arms, I felt privileged to be in Mogadishu to see the great work that the medical team was doing.