Friday, 24 February 2017

Pretoria Xenophobia

A group of Mamelodi residents marched against the influence of foreign nationals in their community through the Pretoria CBD near a well known area of foreign nationals, mainly Somalis. Things got heated as a standoff ensued between the residents that were there to defend their property and the marchers threw insults at each other, whilst the police kept the two groups separated. 
Residents of the area stand their ground.
Police shoot rubber bullets to disperse the group of foreign nationals.
A Somali confronts a policeman about the reason they were shooting rubber bullets at them.
The group of Mamelodi residents continued their march through the CBD.
The police pounced to arrest the group after they hemmed them in.
They confiscated a large amount of drugs from the protesters.
One of the protesters was arrested with an illegal firearm.
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