Monday, 1 October 2007


A striking worker shows his frustration during a strike at Caxton printers in Johannesburg.
Today whilst attending a strike at Caxton Printers, the printers that print The Citizen newspaper (which I currently work for), I was approached by one of the printer management, who said I must get pictures of all the strikers with knobkerries ( zulu wooden clubs), His approach towards me was as if it was "us and them" and I sure was'nt in either of those groups.
I told him he must be insane, asking me to do that and told him that there was no chance that I would, if he wanted pics like that- he could take them himself, I SURE AS HELL WASN'T.

If photojournalists gave pics that could be used to prosecute people, people at demonstrations would attack photojournalists as soon as they whipped out their camera, and I sure as hell dont want that to happen .
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