Sunday, 16 March 2008

The rock that made me roll.

After busy days on Thursday and Friday, I decided to relax, take some pics of animals at a nature reserve just outside Johannesburg.

This place is real nice, with tigers, cheetahs, white lions, rhinos, hippos, you name it.

I got some real nice shots, but what really sticks out from my day is the cheetah, I had The Citizen's 300mm F2.8, which is a big lens, and was taking a few shots of this cheetah when something seemed to rustle its feathers, so to speak. It got very angry, hissed, and the hair on its back stood on end, not wanting to lose the shot, I kept the camera to my eye and started to run for a new angle and ran straight into a very large rock, smacked my shins real hard and ended up rolling in the dirt. I manged to save the lens, but my legs were not that lucky.

I haven't had shins that sore since I was a youngster pretending to be good at skateboarding. I can just imagine that damn cheetah having a good laugh to himself.
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