Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Guilty of being black...

South African Human Rights Commission chairman, Jody Kollapen delivers the commission's findings that the Forum for Black Journalists not allowing whites to join is unconstitutional.
Today I attended the findings announcement at the HRC regarding the Forum for Black Journalists. The FBJ forced a few white journalists to leave a briefing by ANC President, Jacob Zuma recently. The commission found that act unjustified and unconstitutional, so rather than eat a bit of humble pie and admit that it is as wrong as a forum for white journalists only.
What do they do?
They say that they are being found guilty of being black and have decided to have a convention of all black organisations to discuss the matter, now- how the hell does that do anything to help black or white journalists?
It simply makes the whole matter a bit more petty.
If they had half a brain, they would simply allow white journalists to join, who knows they might actually have something worthwhile to add.
Who are the racists now?
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