Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Misplaced loyalties

Emotional Zimbabwean refugees pray whilst they sing and dance during a rally held by the Zimbabwe Solidarity Forum in Johannesburg.
This situation in Zimbabwe has actually turned into a farce. It is blatently obvious to anyone that something is not right there, but our President, Thabo Mbeki, who usually likes sticking his nose into other countries matters, seems to think everything is alright....

Is he blind, is he stupid, is he ill-informed about the situation?
No, I dont think so... I think that he is one of a few African leaders that has a misplaced loyalty to Mugabe, as he was one of the first black liberation leaders in Africa. Zimbabwe was a role model country that fought the so-called oppressors and won. The rest of Africa still see him as that man, a man he stopped being a few years back. Maybe, they should let go of Mr Robert Mugabe, and focus on the Mad Bob that we have now.
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