Monday, 12 May 2008

Foreigners in Alex

A suspected foreigner is attacked by a group of Alexandra residents after violence flared up overnight with residents attacking foreigners, because they believe that they are taking their jobs and are all criminals.

What really surprised me about this whole thing, was the attitude by the majority of the people that I spoke to, some of them seemed slightly educated and some of them not, but they all thought that treating these people like this was fine.

Look at this guy on the left, he epitomizes the attitude I seen, he actually believes that what he did was right and is proud of what he has done....

I was just a few hundred meters away, when I noticed a man running away from a crowd, I ran up to where they caught him and my picture taking was the only reason they stopped, they even posed with the beaten man and asked me to take a pic (of course, I refused). Then they dragged him up and they all seemed jubilant, I asked them what he did, as I took some more pics, they simply replied that he was a foreigner.I guess that made it alright for them...

This happened near to the Alex clinic and I sincerely believe the only reason they frogmarched him there and left him alone was because of my presence... I'm pretty sure I know what would have happened if I wasn't there.
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