Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Long time dead

The body of a foreign man whose head had been severely beaten lies on Main Reef road in Primrose last night. The pipe next to him was going to be used to set him on fire.Last night, a couple of colleagues and I were driving around an informal settlement in Primrose, Johannesburg looking for pics on the ongoing xenophobic violence that has spread from Alexandra to other areas around Gauteng. I seen a few men standing around a man lying in the street. We turned around and drove towards them, the man was very injured and they were about to set him on fire, we stopped and the crowd started shouting in Zulu at us to leave, we drove away fast to get the cops, hoping to save the guy from an agonising fiery death, as we were on our way to go to where we knew some cops were, I seen about 10 policeman patrolling between the shacks in the darkness, I jumped out of the car ( it was still moving, may I add) and ran towards the cops, understandably they were on edge, having been fired at a few times already tonight, as they seen me running towards them screaming "COPS!" each one of them raised their rifles and pointed them at me, about to shoot at me until I screamed as loud as I could" PRESS!!!!"....

Must admit, that was a bit hectic.

Anyway, when we got back there the guy was obviously a long time dead, as his head seemed to have been bashed with something very big and very hard.

But at least we tried...
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