Thursday, 20 November 2008

Red Ants, run!

Angry Edenpark residents burn stolen Red-Ant equipment after some of the Red-Ants, (a rag-tag private security company tasked with evictions and other dirty jobs) killed a man during evictions in Edenpark near Alberton, Gauteng. After the Red Ants apparently beat a man to death, for trying to stop them assaulting his wife during an eviction, the illegal residents of Edenpark went on the rampage. They really wanted to attack the Red-Ants, the crowd consisted mostly of older woman, rough young girls, some really young drunk looking boys and a lot of really drunk looking men, but I'll tell you, the Red-Ants were lucky the cops were there, these people were so wound up that they wanted to tear the Red-Ants apart... and to tell the truth, I reckon they would have done it quite easily. The Red-Ants sit around under police guard from angry residents that want to attack them.
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