Wednesday, 28 January 2009


Jeremy Clarkson, shows Richard Hammond and Sasha Martinengo that he does in-fact have Will Young songs on his iPod after a lighthearted comment about Jeremy's affections for the Pop Idols winner during a press conference in Johannesburg, South Africa ahead of MPH 2009.
I love my job, I reckon its perfect for me, some times I wish it would be a bit more hectic, but that is pretty much out of anybodys control.
One thing I've always said is, that if I could choose any job in the world, it would be Jeremy Clarkson's.
I'd love to be paid loads of money to travel and test drive the best cars in the world, being able to race the Bugatti Veyron across Europe for a truffle, drive a Toyota Hilux to the North Pole, just to see if it can be done, drive a skeleton of a car through Botswana, just cause I can, drive a Rolls Royce into a pool, just cause Keith Moon did it, race a Range Rover against a Challenger tank, join the Royal Marines in a beach landing in a Ford Fiesta ... I could go on.
Yep, I'd take his job any day (And I really hope someone from the BBC reads this ;)
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