Thursday, 15 April 2010

Eden Park unrest

Police fire their 9mm handguns at protesters during a protest over evictions at Eden Park, Ekurhuleni.There was chaos in Eden Park, the crowd was looking to get into the council offices and set it on fire, the police stood behind a fence, then all hell broke loose. I dived behind a tree to avoid the rubber bullets being fired in my direction by the police and the rocks being thrown by the protesters from behind. A few protesters joined me in what seemed like a bit of a queue behind this tree, I assume they thought I knew what I was doing :) Just after that I heard a louder bang from behind me and one of the protesters next to me dropped, I looked at him, as the shooting had stopped and the majority of the people had dispersed. He was shot with a live round through the upper arm, although I seen the police shooting their 9mm's from a moving car earlier, I think one of the protesters shot at the police and shot the poor guy about a meter away from me. A bit too close for comfort.
Police extinguish a truck and tractor set on fire by protesters. An elderly woman that was shot with a rubber bullet a close range is dragged to a waiting car. A young protester writhes in pain after being shot throught the arm during protests against evictions in Eden Park, Ekurhuleni.
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