Friday, 9 April 2010

Eugene Terreblanche's funeral

The gate of AWB leader Eugene Terreblanche's farm where he was murdered in Ventersdorp. I covered the funeral of AWB leader Eugene Terreblanche a few days after he had been beaten to death on his farm in Ventersdorp. Ventersdorp is a strange place with echoes of the tune from "Deliverance" floating about. There is a definite divide between the white and the black folk, one that seems on the most part to be respected, from what I seen they work together when necessary and stay away from each other when not. It's not an ideal situation, but it seems somewhat peaceful... That was until two labourours killed Eugene Terreblanche and all the old AWB regalia was dusted off and brought out to stand pride of place again, to tell the truth, on the day I was somewhat worried about the potential, and had flash backs of various scenes from the news of long ago, but now I'm convinced that in general this country is way too smart to allow a criminal act and a few idiotic politicians to drag us back into the past.
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