Monday, 14 February 2011

The Adventurer

Riaan Manser and Dan Skinstad during a press conference at the Da Vinci hotel where Riaan announced his next adventure which will see him and Dan Skinstad circumnavigate Iceland. "Around Iceland on Inspiration" sees Riaan conquer a new world as well as Dan conquering his own disability.The expedition will begin in late March and is estimated to take four months to complete. Riaan Manser has previously rode around the edge of Africa on a bicycle and circumnavigated Madagascar in a kayak.
Having read Riaan Mansers book" Around Africa on my bike", I must admit I feel inspired to do something similar, but as he alludes to in his book the hardest part is the first meter, if you manage to get there, the rest is relatively easy. I can see what he means.
 Hopefully, I'll get round to getting to the first meter of my journey one day...
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