Monday, 7 March 2011

Fire them all....

Heaps of garbage in Ekurhuleni after striking workers closed the gates of an already full dump site. The DA's James Lorimer took The Citizen on a tour of some of these sites that have formed because of the three week long municipal workers strike, 7 March 2011. The DA says it has a comprehensive plan to end the strike but it has been ignored. Some elements of this plan include firing all the striking workers, arresting all workers involved in violence which included the burning death of one man in Nigel, the calling on the help of the SAPS to ensure no more violence takes place and the use of temporary labour to open the dump sites as well as a long term plan to contract out refuse removal to avoid further problems in the future.
I couldn't agree more with the DA on this issue ALL the striking workers MUST be fired and the service must be contracted out. The ANC would never allow that to happen, as the union that organizes these strikes has way to much control over them. These union members act like a law unto themselves
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