Thursday, 27 October 2011


The ANCYL (African National Congress Youth League) held a march from Johannesburg to Pretoria to drop off a memorandum demanding the government create more jobs and assist with the economic freedom of the masses. They marched via the Chamber of Mines and the Johannesburg Stock exchange on their way to the Union Buildings in Pretoria.
I'm not a fan of the Youth League or Julius Malema, but lots of people are. I personally think they encourage divisions in South African society, they don't think their statements through and are sometimes blatently racist, but I agree with the fact that the youth need more opportunities. This march was about that (although, it could also have been about political survival for Julius Malema, he may well be on his way to being expelled from the ANC, as the powers that be seem bored with his many indiscretions) but, nevertheless, I agree with the principle. The youth need more jobs.
ANCYL President, Julius Malema in the yellow shirt.
Pretoria is pretty far from Johnnesburg, even driving there is not a short trip, I didn't think they would make it. I was listening to the radio and reading the Twitter feed during the night as the march continued, and I found myself wanting them to make it. I felt conflicted, as I don't agree with the vast majority of the things the Youth League say and do, not least of which is this poster below.
 I found myself willing them on and hoping the would make it to Pretoria, which they eventually did on Friday morning, although a much smaller group of people.
Probably the reason I was rooting for them was because the "official" reason for the march, is something I believe in.
 I think the ANC government must do something drastic to remedy the employment situation in South Africa.

That doesn't make me a closet Youth League Supporter, does it?