Monday, 31 October 2011

Mayfair shoot-out

Police at a crime scene in Mayfair, Johannesburg. A bakkie crashed into a traffic light after a shoot-out between its occupants and police, One suspect was shot dead and a policeman was critically injured after being shot by another suspect during the incident.
The police seen a bakkie that they felt looked suspicious and attempted to stop it, the occupants then fired at the police and a chase took place and the suspects crashed. The shootout claimed the life of a suspect, hitting another and one policeman was also shot.

"Well Done!" to the cops for stopping these guys from doing what they where planning. Another even bigger "WELL DONE!" to the one that shot and killed the suspect. He would just get out on bail and commit another crime anyway. Four handguns and an assault rifle was taken from the suspects.

"Not so well done" to the policeman that accosted me at the scene, angrily forcing me to delete my pictures for no given or legal reason. I acted like I was distrought, as I deleted the empty memory card. I had quickly replaced the one in the camera, with an empty one, as I seen him come running up to me. Then I casually walked away with all the pics I had taken safely sitting on the card in my pocket. "No problem Officer, what ever you say..."
Police watch a Paramedic treat the shot suspect in the back of a police-van.