Saturday, 19 November 2011

Life's not fair!

South African Francois Botha (Red trunks) and American Michael Grant during their WBF World Heavyweight Title fight at Montecasino, South Africa. Botha was controlling the fight until the last round when Grant managed to get a big hit on Botha knocking him out and winning the fight and the title.
Francois Botha was dominating the entire fight, that was until 37 seconds to go in the 12th and final round. If he had lasted these 37 seconds, he would have no doubt won the fight easily on points, but, it was not to be and with 37 seconds to go Michael Clark got his first decent punches in and knocked Francois out.
There were so few decent punches from Clark that this picture below is the only picture I got of him actually connecting with Francois during the entire fight, but this was not the knock out blow.
I sat in the corner, trying to keep my place all night, getting covered in blood, sweat and a bit of spit and when the time came I couldn't have been in a better position.
So, in keeping with the theme of this post, I've posted the picture above, a picture that I would never usually post because, well... it's not very good. I kinda cut off Clarks head in the haste to get the pic. But I decided to post it anyway. Just to show that even Pros slip up occasionally (I'm very sure Francois Botha would agree with me about that!)