Monday, 28 November 2011


Police cordon to stop people from entering Eastgate shopping center in Bedfordview, South Africa after a bomb was found in the center.
It remains unclear at time of writing if it was a real bomb (which has been confirmed by Police) or it was a box with some wires in it. (also been confirmed by Police)
First, the Eastgate center-management denied there was a bomb claiming it was a hoax, then turned around and said that it was one. Then the Police spokesperson confirmed to media that it was a bomb, and that it was left outside a jewellery shop in the center and that they destroyed it with a controlled explosion. Then the Provincial Police Chief Mzwandile Petros said it was not a bomb, it was just a box with some wires in it. On the scene a Policeman was so unsure of what he can say to the media that he wouldn't even tell me what unit he was in... WTF?
Is this the way it is to be in the future? Misinformation or disinformation through either incompetance or maliciousness!

Tomorrow marks one week since government voted for the Protection of State Information Bill. Although this is a much smaller matter. Is this the type of disinformation that will be spread by state agencies? I think so, whether it be through incompetence or maliciousness, it's definitely not good for our country or its people.