Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Benoni protest

A truck is attacked during a violent service delivery protest in Benoni. Wattville and Actonville residents marched to the Benoni Civic Centre to demand service delivery, but things got violent with windows being broken, bins spilled all over the roads, cars being vandalised, as well as bystanders being intimidated. The march moved back to Actonville resulting in a stand-off between hostel residents and police with the hostel residents stoning passing cars and intimidating people .
A marcher flings a brick at a glass door of a welding company during the march in Benoni.
Hostel residents barricaded the roads and stoned passing cars. 

A video from my GoPro attached to the lens hood of my Nikon D700, please excuse the shakiness, as my priority is stills, but I do plan on getting better at video.