Thursday, 11 October 2012

Truck strike march

Marchers flee after police shoot tear-gas and shoot rubber bullets to control the crowd during a march by striking SATAWU union members, in Isando, Gauteng

I was the only photographer at this point of the march, as the march had already been to the offices of the employers and they were near the Isando train station to make their way home. As the large group came up to the station, a few of them started attacking a truck that was apparently broken down at the side of the road, (the driver had wisely left the scene). Police replied with a volley of rubber bullets and tear gas, I found myself in a small field with no cover, and I took a few frames as I dashed towards a electricity box, before I even got there everything was done and the marchers simply continued into the station. There was a few people affected by the tear-gas, but I was 100%, maybe I'm getting used to it.