Tuesday, 26 August 2008

A silver lining?, where?

South Africa's sole medal winner, Khotso Mokoena during a press conference at the Southern Sun, OR Tambo in Johannesburg airport after team SA returned home from the Beijing Olympics.A lot has been said about SA's poor performance during the Olympics, in fact, in relation to the number of athletes sent, SA was the worst performing team in the entire world. Now for a country that is widely regarded as a sporting country, that is just not on.

I personally believe that the powers that be have been sticking their political, undercover rascist noses into the team a bit too much, but we can leave that for another post :)

One of the talking points is the funding aspect. Other countries have spent much more money on their teams than ours, personally I reckon that they should bin the team, spend the money on trying to get rid of informal settlements and putting poor people in houses.

Now thats an idea!
Mokoena won a silver medal in the long jump.
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